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App Features


24/7 Realtime Scheduling

Make your branded app accessible 24/7 so clients can see your schedule in realtime and can make appointments with you directly from their phone. The app is fully functional with Google calendar. You can fully control your schedule using the Google calender app which automatically connects with your users apps in real time.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to stay in touch with your client, improve client connection and inform them of special offers, recent blog posts, youtube channel updates, newsletters, products and availability. Notifications appear on the clients home screen and take them directly to your branded app chat menu or promotion

Private messaging /Video chat

Speak privately to your clients within the app. You can send links to your site, newsletters or pdf/ word documents or YouTube video links. Conversations and push notifications are saved in the app so your clients can scroll through past messages and links. Video chat can be used with the already integrated WhatsApp or another app such as Zoom

Integrated point of sale

With the integrated payment gateway using Stripe* ( 0.% commission on our side ), clients can pay for your service before they arrive and will appreciate the flexibility of the option to also pay at the location. * Other payment gateways can also be integrated

Beautifully designed app

You will work with the design team who will include the look and feel of your business for the app. Once it’s designed you review it. When you are happy we work with a specialist to publish the app in the app stores for your clients to download. Your branded app is on their phones.

Admin panel

You can manage your app and send push notifications from within your branded app dashboard/ admin panel in both mobile and web admin. Select multiple users, or individual users to send notifications directly.

About this App

A Branded Mobile App is equally as important as your website.

If you’re an Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Doctor, Physiotherapist or other healthcare professional Mobile Apps reinforce your business by increasing your visibility. Whatever your type of practice a branded white label app gives your business more presence on a phone than a browser bookmark does because it is always visible on the user’s phone’s screen. This helps build loyalty with your users because your business is with them at all times.

Organic Development

We design and develop it how you want it. Listening to what you want will let the app develop organically by users in the same profession as you. We will notify you of any additions and you can choose to implement them or continue using the app you have.


Here are some of the benefits of building a mobile app for your clinic/ practice:

1. Customers can book and pay for appointments. They don’t need to wait

2. Apps are a constant reminder of your business on your client’s phone. On average people check their mobile phone 150 times per day!

3. Apps increase your customer engagement and brand recognition.

4. Apps reduce time and costs of front-end staff.

Pre Production. What we have done already

You can have a branded app within 5-7 working days from inception developed by our expert team. Roll out publication on Google Play 24 hours. App Store 7-14 days. Normally an app would take around 5 to 6 months and require continuous input from you to the developer at a significant cost. We have already done this work making this solution time saving and very cost-effective. Note: Additional custom feature requirements such as a product screen not already in the app will require more time and an increase in budget.

Message from the developer

I have a small acupuncture practice in Sitges, a quaint coastal town just south of Barcelona. I created this app to maximise the contact with my patients and create a better dialogue when they were not physically in my clinic. I wanted a place they could receive dedicated and confidential information about my services whilst making them feel connected to my practice. I contacted various developers with my brief but most quotes were pitched at multinational corporate prices and significantly beyond the budget of a small business owner like myself. After stubborn persistence, I was very lucky to get a great team of developers to side with me with the view that I would market it to other users at cost. For this reason, we can offer the app within a price range suitable for most small practices.

I have been using the app for 5 months and already it is proving a big hit with my users. Bit by bit I am increasing my user base. I think like me you will find it a great asset for your practice and you will be ready to meet new demands for your practice in a challenging, changing and developing climate. If like myself you have limited cash flow, I have created affordable and very competitive monthly plans for the first year. After this, the costs reduce substantially by which time you’ll have your app fully integrated with your practice while continuing to build a bigger user base. 

Most other branded booking apps such as Mindbody, Wellnessliving or Gappt charge commissions ranging from 3 to 5% and average additional monthly plans are around 90$ to 170$ per month per year depending on your service plan. What my developers will provide is a unique branded white label app for your clinic and after the 1st year, you just need to pay a small monthly maintenance fee. It’s a very competitive price for a superb branded app!


Thanks for your engagement. Enjoy your day and I hope your practice will begin to thrive.

April 2020 Pandemic Lockdown

Sitges, Barcelona

Steven Blair BSc ( hons )

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Features Starter Intermediate Pro
Payment Gateway ( Stripe ) right right
Google Calendar Interface right right
Push Notification right right
Custom App Branding right right
Post Production Publication to Google Play or Apple Store right right
12 Months Bug Fixing right right
Full-Text Chat Integration right right
Instant in-app messaging right right
Number of services offered 5 10 15
Multi bed setting / Practitioners 1 2-3 4-5
Patient monthly visit 0/50 0/75 0/125

Pricing- Starter

Starter- 1st Year Android+IOS
Initial Set up + Design/ Development €299
Launch: Test run 3 months + 1 year Android /IOS hosting €299
Monthly Plan ( Months 4-12 ) €69.99
2nd Year- monthly
IOS/ Android/ Hosting/ Maintenance €12.99


Intermediate-1st Year Android+IOS
Initial Set up + Design/ Development €349
Launch: Test run 3 months + 1 year Android /IOS hosting €349
Monthly Plan ( Months 4-12 ) €79.99
2nd Year- monthly
IOS/ Android/ Hosting/ Maintenance €12.99


Pro-1st Year Android+IOS
Initial Set up + Design/ Development €449
Launch: Test run 3 months + 1 year Android /IOS hosting €449
Monthly Plan ( Months 4-12 ) €89.99
2nd Year- monthly
IOS/ Android/ Hosting/ Maintenance €12.99

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Please try this app on your phone to see the current features and user interface. This is the basic version. It can be modified to suite your practice.